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1. A brief clinical history, description or
   differential diagnosis will be given.
2. Examine the corresponding histopathology 
   images. In some cases, corresponding 
   clinical images are also provided.
3. Decide on your diagnosis.
4. Continue the link to the second page of each case
   for the answer and links to Pub Med for 
   related references. A link for the next case or
   for return to the case index is at the end of
   each case.
5. Case 1 begins in the next frame. The Case Index with links 
   is at bottom of this page. 28 cases currently. 
   Newest case added 9/02/2003.
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Clinical Information - Case 1

54 y/o man with a painful, purple papule
on the left thigh for 3 years.

Case Index and Links to Cases

Click here to go to page 2 of Case 1: revised 2/99
Case 2 - Alopecia: revised 2/99
Case 3 - Subcutaneous mass: revised 2/99
Case 4 - Facial plaque: revised 2/99
Case 5 - Neonate: revised 2/99
Case 6 - Scrotal "cyst": revised 2/99
Case 7 - Alopecia: revised 2/99
Case 8 - Finger papule: revised 2/99
Case 9 - Arm nodule: revised 2/99
Case 10 - Keratotic papules on an amputation stump: revised 2/99
Case 11 - Subcutaneous plaque on the abdomen of a patient with renal failure: added 1/30/99
Case 12 - Genital bullae, oral erosions and truncal erythematous plaques with cough and fever.: Added 2/14/99
Case 13 - A plaque on the scalp of a 50 y/o woman: Added 2/21/99
Case 14 - Hyperkeratotic nodule in a chronic burn scar: Added 2/21/99
Case 15 - Copious acute hair loss in a 68 y/o man: Added 3/3/99
Case 16 - Random abdominal fat biopsy in a patient with a restrictive cardiomyopathy: Added 3/27/99
Case 17 - Chief complaint: "Birthmarks": Added 5/2/99
Case 18 - Blisters: Added 5/19/99
Case 19 - Identify the culprit: Added 5/30/99
Case 20 - Infant with a neck mass:Added 8/22/99
Case 21 - Erythematous,"juicy", papule in the groinAdded 11/27/99
Case 22 - An asymptomatic arm noduleAdded 11/27/99
Case 23 - A 5mm indurated papule on the fingerAdded 11/27/99
Case 24 - Pruritic foot papule:Added 1/31/2000
Case 25 - A purple toe:Added 4/17/2000
Case 26 - What is this silhouette?:Added 11/5/2000
Case 27 - A Timely Topic:Added 2/21/2003
Case 28 - What is the specimen? What is the stain?:Added 9/2/2003
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