Pastor Ron Strader and Joan Strader

Retired but very active,
Pastor Ron preached 
powerfully and passionately
at the Big Tent Revival 
on August 12 and 13, 1999.

Father's Day Guest Performance

Kezia Morley from Millmont, Pennsylvania
shared her talent as a harpist,
providing beautiful music for the congregation
on Father's Day, June 20, 1999

Trinity's Lending Church Library

The Church library collection contains approximately 2000 titles.

These are available for loan.

The collection includes a broad variety of works for all ages 
including over 100 videotapes, a children's section, an interactive
CD-ROM Bible game, audiotape collections and numerous books.

Verna Everett, seated at the desk, is the Church Librarian.

Verna manages and has enthusiastically cataloged the collection.

The library is open from 8:00AM - Noon, Monday thru Friday.

However, Verna stresses that access to the collection 
may be easily arranged, at other hours, by calling her at 275-2566 
and scheduling an appointment. She wants to see this valuable 
collection used and she is eager to assist anyone by giving them an
overview of the collection and assisting them in any way possible.

Verna is very knowledgeable about the collection and 
can also provide a more in depth review of individual works.

The library is located in the basement level, across from the 
elementary grade Sunday School classrooms. 

Please contact Verna and arrange to examine and use this remarkable

The Children's Choir
Singing out loud and strong
Choir Director, Nancy Titman (right)
Nancy has a beautiful voice and she is sharing her talent with these
children. Benjamin, her son, gets a hug after the performance.

Contemporary Service 
8AM Sunday Mornings
Contemporary Service Music
Pastor Dennis Derr (left) (Guitar and Vocals)
Todd Eckard(right)(Drums,Vocals,Multiple instruments)

Focused on rhythm 
Todd is a musically gifted, multi-instrumentalist,
singer, conductor and song writer.


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