Sanctuary Renovations Completed
Sanctuary Dedication Service July 23, 2000

The chancel area has been remodeled and enlarged.
The choir is now seated in the chancel area.
Air conditioning, new windows and new carpet are in.
The pews have been reupholstered and the sanctuary has been painted.
A state of the art sound system has been installed.

With the new sound system control board, (right)
the digital acoustic piano (left) and the pipe organ
sound even better, now.
Wireless, assisted listening devices are available
for the hearing impaired.

The choir now faces the congregation.
Pastor Derr conducts a portion of the service
at the refinished, restored pulpit.
He later participated in a re-enactment of
a post Civil War church service as part of
the Danville Iron Heritage Festival and he is
dressed accordingly for the part of Rev. James H. McCord.
He appeared with Father William Weary, who played the part
of Father Arthur McGinnis and with Rich Pawling of History Alive!
who played the lead role as Rev. John Adair
Below is a photo of all three as they conclude the service and
a photo of Revs. Adair and McCord outside after the service.

Dr. Samuel Sheffler, the District Superintendent,
attended and spoke at the Renovation Dedication Service.
The children gathered for the children's lesson.


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