Consecration of Trinity's Remodeled and Expanded Facilities
Sunday April 7, 2002

Call to Worship: (Liturgist and Congregation)
L: Lift your eyes to the Lord!
C: The Lord is our help.
L: The Lord has built this House of God.
C: May the peace of God be within these walls.
L: This is the House of God and we are God's people.
C: May the love of God flow through us to bless this
community and bring others to the saving knowledge
of Jesus Christ.

Declaration of Purpose:
Pastor Derr: Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is a day
of rejoicing. We have come together to consecrate this building
of Trinity United Methodist Church, Danville.
God has enabled us to build an expanded ministry center
for Christian education, fellowship, worship and recreation,
that will bring the love of Jesus Christ to people in new ways
that will free them from bondage and heal their soul's disease.
Presentation of the Building: Richard Poole Inc.: We present this building
to be consecrated for the worship of God
and the service of all people.

Upper level
New all purpose room

Upper Level
New kitchen


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