The Cross of Lilies

represents the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter.

The Cross of Thorns

represents the crown of thorns plaited 
and placed upon our Lord on Good Friday. 

This window represents the Passion of Jesus. 

An interesting feature is that actual thorns 
are formed by the lead.

Summation statement from Pastor Dennis Derr

The people of Trinity have become quite fond of these windows 
in a short period of time. 

They are symbols of our faith. 

In various lighting, the windows are transformed.  

They are often reflected on walls and floors 
creating their unique shadows throughout the sanctuary.  

While symbols in stained glass bring beauty to our worship space, 
it is the life of Jesus Christ to which these windows testify 
that brings beauty to our life and our world.  

May the stained glass windows of Trinity United Methodist Church 
help you to know the beauty of Jesus Christ within you.


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