The Cross of Water

The Calling of the Disciples at the Sea of Galilee 
is represented by The Cross of Water.  

Two fish swim within the cross.  

The cross of Jesus is our source of life.  

Notice the fishing net formed by the lead 
that sweeps from the horizontal beam of the cross, 
much as a sash would sweep from the shoulder 
of the robe Jesus wore.

The Wheat and Chalice

represent Holy Communion.  

Jesus is the Bread of Life symbolized by the wheat.  

He offers us the cup of salvation symbolized by the chalice.  

Note that the chalice is a simple, common cup.  

Christ uses the common things of this world, 
and common people, to work miracles 
and accomplish great things for the glory of God.

The Head of Christ

is unique because the Daltons used olive toned glass 
for the face of Christ.  

Particularly at night, when no natural light is streaming through, 
the Palestinian features of Jesus' face, hair, and eyes are prominent. 

This window is uniquely crafted so that no matter where you are, 
the eyes of Jesus seem to be looking at you.

The Crown of Victory or The Crown of Life

This window represents the Kingdom of God 
and the victory of faith for every believer.  

This world is not our home; we are only passing through. 

Through faith in Jesus Christ we have the assurance of eternal life 
in heaven.  

Unless one bears the cross, one cannot wear the crown.  

Every person who clings to the cross of Christ 
will exchange that cross one day for a crown.  

And since our Lord Jesus is the only One worthy 
to receive a crown of glory, we shall cast our crowns before Him. 

Glory! Alleluia! 

Notice the jewels in the crown.  
In the afternoon sun, these jewels sparkle and shine 
reminding worshippers that we too are to sparkle and shine 
with the love and grace of God.


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