Preparing to Renovate

At the end of the morning service May 7, 2000,
the congregation, with a lot of help from the youth,
moves the chancel furnishings to the social hall
in preparation for sanctuary renovations
that are scheduled to begin May 9th.

With chancel furnishings removed, Pastor Derr closes the last service in the old sanctuary.

Within minutes, pew bibles and hymnals have
been collected and organized and chancel furnishings
have been put into place in the social hall which
will be home for the congregation worship services
for the next 12 weeks.

During that time, the chancel area in the sanctuary will
be enlarged and remodeled, air conditioning will be installed,
new carpeting will be installed, the pews will be reupholstered,
new windows will be installed, a new sound system will be installed
and the sanctuary will be painted.

Phase 1 of Expanding God's Church and
Extending Christ's Kingdom has begun.


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