Comment and two additional implantation cases

A granulomatous inflammatory reaction surrounds
this foreign body.

The black granular material on the surface
of one portion of the splinter is suspected
to be a fragment of paint.

No fungi were identified.

Here is another case. This patient had a papule on the knee that had been present for 7 months.
As the biopsy specimen was removed, a thorn came out of the specimen.

This sinus tract in the dermis is surrounded by palisaded granulomatous inflammation and some neutrophils are present within the tract.

Close inspection of the granulomatous lining revealed a residual embedded fragment of the thorn.

No fungi were identified on H+E or PAS stains.

This final case is an implantation 
of a different type.
This is an implantation of a hair. 

The tract through the epidermis is visible. 

Note the sharp, spear-like point 
on one end of the hair fragment, 
the ruffled cuticle along the edge 
of the hair shaft and 
the more lucent core of the shaft.

This is the kind of implantation 
that may occur in barbers
in the interdigital webspace of the hand 
producing a pilonidal sinus. 

It may also occur in persons who groom animals.

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Wood implantation and phaeomycotic cyst:
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