The vertical clear spaces in the H+E stained sections
are empty spaces previously occupied
by cholesterol crystals that have been dissolved by alcohol
that was used in the H+E staining process.

The pink material surrounding these spaces is fibrin thrombus.

The diagnosis is cholesterol embolism.

Note the purple stained slides at the bottom of this sequence.
These are frozen sections that have been stained with
Geshickter stain without the use of alcohol in the stain process.
They are photographed under polarized light and the glary,
vertically oriented structures are preserved cholesterol crystals.
These are brilliantly refractile under polarized light.
The pale gray appearing material filling the remainder of the
vessel lumen is fibrin thrombus which contains the cholesterol
crystals and is characteristic of a cholesterol embolus.

The epidermis in this case was infarcted.

In the scanning magnification view, you can see the cholesterol
embolus at the base of the section.

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